Improve the Look of Your Home’s Foundation

Installing Royal Thin Brick® over a home’s foundation adds curb appeal with the look of natural kiln-fired thin brick. Think of the difference brick will make over a standard concrete or block wall. Installation is straight forward. Thin brick installs like ceramic tile using thin set mortar. Grout the thin bricks using a grout bag or float the grout into the joints. In just a few days your home will be transformed with the addition of a brick foundation.

Here is a link to installing thin brick on a vertical surface. Be sure the foundation is free of paint, dirt and other contaminants. You may need to rough up the surface of the foundation. Follow all installation product directions when installing. Use the correct products for an outdoor installation. The Tile council of North America Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation will give you details and the proper procedures to follow for this type of installation – see exterior walls.

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We created a new video – How to Install Thin Brick over an Interior Wall.

Are you interested in creating a thin brick accent wall, fireplace surround or backsplash, but have questions about how to make it happen? Follow our installers as they take you through the entire process from beginning to end. Learn how to create a whole new look in your home or business by adding thin brick.

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Ironrock Begins Refractory Recycling Program

Refractories are the plates, posts, and blocks that let our tile and brick go through our kilns.  Although they can withstand high temperatures, they are easy to break.  Each year, we replaces broken refractories.  In the past, broken refractories have been crushed into aggregate along with fired scrap but recently we began a program to return them to our local refractory supplier to use as grog.  Grog is ground up refractories that help new refractory pieces use less energy and material to fire and produce.  This helps our supplier because they need more grog.

Ironrock is pleased that our broken refractories will be re-used to make new refractories and add to the list of materials we recycle and re-use.

Learn more about Ironrock’s recycling program.

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New Video! Installing Thin Brick Outdoors

Installing thin brick outdoors

Here is a new video we created called – Installing Thin Brick on an Insulated Exterior Wall. This video shows all steps of a wall assembly with a focus on installing the thin brick using tile setting methods. This is a very detailed video that took a while to put together but we think in the end was well worth it.

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Remodeling with Royal Thin Brick

Royal instalationsEveryone knows brick adds value and improves the appearance of any space indoors and out. With Royal Thin Brick® you have the freedom to create a brick finish anywhere around a home or business.

If you want to improve the look of a room with a brick accent wall, it can be done quickly and efficiently – without the need for added support that full brick requires. Royal Thin Brick® will go places full brick just can’t.

A real brick finish with Royal Thin Brick® can make all the difference on accent walls, back-splashes, patios, walkways, fireplace surrounds, home exteriors, kitchen islands, barbecues, home bars, wine cellars, and much more.

Learn more about the full Royal Thin Brick product line at

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Thin Brick Installation Guide


The quality and tradition of Brick veneer add an element of design beauty and integrity to any setting. Since the weight of full brick requires a foundation for support, adding full face brick to a home can be limiting.

What to do when you want the look of brick without doing a complete reconstruction? Answer – use thin brick.  Kiln fired thin brick is a great alternative for adding brick without all the weight. With thin brick, you can have real brick anywhere in your home.

Thin Brick provides the same look and feel of full brick at only a fraction of the size (5/8″ thickness). Because it is so much lighter, with the right prep work, thin brick can be installed over existing structures using tile set methods. You can create a brick accent wall with just a few days of work – even over a weekend.

This easy to follow guide from Royal Thin Brick® is full of valuable tips for installing a thin brick wall or floor.  Whether you’re creating an accent wall indoors or a paved patio outdoors, this guide will help you get started. Now you can add the look of a kiln-fired thin brick installation anywhere around your home.

Click here for the thin brick installation guide. Remember, always check with local building codes to make sure all materials meet codes and requirements. Consult the installation materials manufacturer and the Tile Council of North America’s Tile Handbook for details on installations.



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Royal Thin Brick was a ‘Tail Wagging’ Success at Coverings 2017

doghouseRoyal Thin Brick’s Berkeley Blend was used on the floor throughout the TCNA Art Tile Courtyard at Coverings 2017 in  Orlando, Florida.

Each year Art Tile manufacturers come together to create one-of-a-kind tiled art pieces that are displayed in the courtyard. At the shows end the remarkable creations are donated to local charities.

This year the participants were charged with creating fanciful dog houses that, after the show, were donated to the Pet Alliance of Orlando.

What better way to display these unique dog houses than on rugged thin brick paving brick donated by Royal Thin Brick. The thin bricks were installed in a brick pattern over a backer board and then grouted – just like ceramic tile. As the picture shows, the results were doggone terrific.

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Video Shows Royal Thin Brick Outdoor Installation

Royal Thin Brick has a video showing an outdoor installation. The video goes step by step through an installation of Royal Thin Brick on a front stoop. In this project, the contractor installed Royal Thin Brick like ceramic tile. The before and after really shows how Royal Thin Brick used as a thin paving brick improved the facade of the home.Click on this link or the one below the image to view the video.

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Authentic kiln fired brick that installs like tile.

restaurant table

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